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Overhaul is a puzzle rogue-lite dungeon crawler that combines fast-paced action, quick logical thinking and rich systemic gameplay.

As Ikalee, venture deep into the abandoned Power Plant to bring the power back to your village. A place that has now been taken over by hostile and mysterious life forms.


In November 2020, two game dev friends participated to the Mix and Game Jam and submitted a rogue-like puzzle game based on the game of Futoshiki. The game got great reviews and we decided to make a full version of it on our free time. This would be our first commercial independant game. In February 2021, we asked two other friends for help with Audio and VFX. Our ambitions quickly grew bigger and we founded our studio Bread Panda a few weeks after, still on our free time.

Overhaul is now close to completion and is expected to be released on PC.


  • Logic-based Sudoku-inspired puzzles, mixed with fast-paced top down action for a unique experience.

  • Pick up enemies, carry objects and outsmart the most vicious of situations!

  • A hand-crafted rogue-lite experience. Hundreds of rooms, each tailor-made to bring new challenges!

  • A rich cast of mysterious entities. Experiment and learn how they can interact with one another and take advantage of it! Some will try to take you down, others hide powerful secrets.

  • Carve your own path through the Power Plant. Each room is different, pick a difficult one for better rewards or an easier one if you want a smoother ride.

  • Each completed room will generate power. Use it to unlock new content and grow permanently stronger or save it to afford power ups in the next game.

  • Track down secrets and breath life back into the Hub. The more you engage with the game, the more beautiful the Hub becomes! (You may even get some company who knows)

  • A carefully composed score that matches with your progression. From moody melancholic ambiance to blood-pumping melodies!


Overhaul - Gameplay Trailer

Overhaul - Exclusive Gameplay Commentary

Overhaul - Reveal Trailer


Fabien Alexandrine

Designer, Programmer, Art Director

Quentin Da Cruz

Designer, Programmer

Quentin Malapel

Audio Designer & Music Composer

Anthony Woue

VFX Artist, Shader Artist

Additional Help

Gaëtan Jeanson

Trailer Editor

Bread Panda Games - 2022